Types Of Birthstones And Their Meanings

Scroll down to glance at the true meaning behind the types of birthstones we use and what it symbolises.
  • Blue Kyanite - January and February Birthstone

    The Blue Kyanite birthstone symbolises calmness and healing properties

  • Amethyst - February Birthstone

    The Amethyst birthstone symbolises purpose as well as relieving stress and anxiety.

  • Aqua Chalcedony - March Birthstone

    The Aqua Chalcedony birthstone symbolises courage and loyalty.

  • Diamond/Cubic Zirconia - April Birthstone

    The Diamond birthstone symbolises increasing inner strength and providing clarity.

  • Green Onyx - May Birthstone

    The Green Onyx birthstone represents intelligence, and enhanced memory.

  • Moonstone - June Birthstone

    The Moonstone birthstone symbolises intuition, inner wisdom, and new beginnings.

  • Ruby - July Birthstone

    The Ruby birthstone symbolises prosperity and knowledge.

  • White Jade - August Birthstone

    The White Jade birthstone is known to help make you feel calm and peaceful.

  • Lapis Lazuli - September Birthstone

    The Lapis Lazuli birthstone represents wisdom, power, royalty, and honesty.

  • Ethiopian Opal - October Birthstone

    The Ethiopian Opal birthstone represents protective, gentleness, and healing properties. 

  • Citrine - November Birthstone

    The Citrine birthstone symbolises vitality and energy.

  • Blue Topaz - December Birthstone

    The Blue Topaz birthstone symbolises honesty and deep emotional attachment.

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